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This week saw us doing a hog roast in Surrey

This week PHR put on a hog roast in Surrey. Surrey is an extremely picturesque county, and full of history – it is home to such towns as Godalming and Guildford. We really enjoyed travelling there and meeting the guests of our clients. The event was a fundraiser, to raise money for a local charity. […]

Premier Hog roast in Bristol

This week saw Premier Hog Roast in Bristol, to cater for a 40th wedding anniversary. It was a great occasion – the venue was a hall just outside the city, and there were over 200 guests! There were lots of presents, and many guests also gave speeches consisting of memories of the happy couple. Even […]

Premier Hog roast in Leicester

At the start of this week we put on a glorious hog roast in Leicester. The event, with just 40 guests, was relatively small compared to most of the roasts that we do, however it was made all the more intimate and enjoyable because of it. The event was planned as a surprise birthday celebration, […]

Hog Roast Stratford

This week PHR travelled to a hog roast in Stratford, a beautifully picturesque town, home of the river Avon and the birthplace of perhaps the greatest literary mind of all time – William Shakespeare! Shakespeare was lucky to survive his formative years there, as within weeks of his birth in April 1564, the black plague […]

Fundraising hog roast catering in Wiltshire

As we were providing hog roast catering in Wiltshire last week, the Premier Hog Roast van could be seen travelling down the motorway to Swindon in much appreciated sunshine. We had a great time in the county, and decided we may have to visit more often considering the weather we experienced. We also found out […]

Hog Roast Northampton

After some midweek buffets and a jacket potato event, a hog roast in Northampton was our destination at the end of this week. All our staff were impressed by the picturesque nature of the town. Yes, it is a town, albeit one of the largest in the UK – with a population of over 210’000! […]

Premier Hog Roasts in Buckinghamshire

This week was an extremely busy one for Premier Hog Roast. Throughout the week our team had a couple of jacket potato events and a corporate event, for which we brought a delicious feast from our fine dining menu. The biggest days work of the week though, was definitely a hog roast in Buckinghamshire. Over […]

Hertfordshire Hog Roast is increasingly popular

This week we served up a beautiful Hertfordshire Hog Roast in an equally beautiful hall near St. Albans. The grounds were expertly well kept, and guests of all ages occupied the neatly trimmed lawns, dressed to the nines in celebration of a local charity event. Despite the typical January temperatures, the sun still shone – […]

Premier Hog Roasts in Gloucestershire

We don’t know what it is about our hog roasts in Gloucestershire. The residents of the county just can’t seem to get enough of our splendidly roasted pigs. We’re not complaining – we love to travel far and wide to deliver our delicious menus to our customers. We’re now so well known there that it […]

Birmingham Hog Roast Kicks Off the New Year

In our first event of the new year, Premier Hog Roast catered for a whopping 200 people at a Birmingham hog roast. Despite the cold weather, all involved had a great time, enjoying a particularly beautiful cider and sea salt smothered pig! We can all finally say that, after having got the new year festivities […]