Premier Hog Roast don’t just make the very best hog roasts around we are also gaining notoriety for our outstanding BBQ catering as well. If you have an event in any of the following or surrounding areas then please contact us . Our BBQ’s are an excellent choice for outdoor events where there are large amounts of guests that need feeding and we always come prepared with our gazebo’s just in case the weather changes. Take a look at our BBQ Menu here and see for yourself just how affordable and most importantly delicious they can be, we know you won’t be disappointed. They are an increasingly popular choice for corporate catering events, weddings, festivals, community fairs and events. Call us today on 024 7668 0777 for further details.

We operate in and around Coventry, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Kenilworth, Birmingham, Solihull, Leamington, Berkshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire & Worcestershire

Winter Barbecue in Birmingham

Don’t let the cold get you down this winter – follow in the footsteps of our recent Birmingham clients and have a winter BBQ…

We understand it can be depressing as the weather starts to deteriorate. The rain becomes more frequent, the sky becomes ever greyer and coats become a necessity. What better way to forget about all these terrible things than with a good old fashioned BBQ? This was the thought process of one of our most recent customers in Birmingham, and we couldn’t have been more impressed by their can-do attitude in the face of such adverse temperatures. What better way to stick it to the weather than with the downright delicious combination of burgers, sausages and jacket potatoes? Here at Premier Hog Roasts we never let the weather stop us from doing our job, and we believe that it shouldn’t stop you from having fun either!

The coats were donned, the gazebos were erected and the food was prepared. Soft floured baps were buttered, meat was marinated, and jacket potatoes were baked. What we took to Birmingham can only be described as a BBQ feast fit for a king. Not only were our vans loaded with our signature pork and apple burgers and old English sausages, we took a wide selection of meat: chicken breasts, (with a variety of flavourful marinades) gammon steaks and cider soaked pork fillet. Yes, although we are primarily a hog roast catering company, it’s safe to say that we know how to BBQ with the best of them. On arrival at your venue our staff do everything possible to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. You will find each and every one of them to be helpful, polite and cheery!

Rain or shine, cold or not, we guarantee to provide you with amazing service and amazing food. This week in Birmingham we proved this once again! Our gazebos were brimming with 200 people, all too engrossed in the sumptuous food we brought to even laugh about their terrible luck in regards to the weather. There was not an unhappy face to be seen at the venue, only those devouring a juicy and succulent burger or gazing into a piping hot jacket potato smothered in beans.

We want our customers to know that their requests, no matter how zany or unusual, will always be considered. If you want to throw a BBQ in the winter cold, we aren’t going to judge! If you want a glazed chilli flavouring rub smothered onto your hog roast, we will oblige! If you have a catering contract for over 200 people, we will be happy to help! Remember, we are always willing to travel from Warwickshire to all midland and London regions to deliver our delicious menu. All this considered, is there really any reason for you not to hire us? Feel free to contact us

This week Premier Hog Roast were BBQ Catering in Leicestershire

BBQ Catering in Leicestershire

With the summer months drawing to a close, we’ve found that recently a lot of our customers have been seizing the opportunity to make the most of the last of the sun. Though we’re consistently busy due to our flexibility, it seems that a lot of our customers have been opting for a barbeque lately, probably because of the happy outdoor vibes that the sunshine brings which took us BBQ catering in Leicestershire. Whilst a Hog Roast is the perfect year round accompaniment to your party, I think we can all agree that an outdoor barbeque is more enjoyable whilst the weather isn’t frosty.

Last week Premier Hog Roast catered for an outdoor buffet in Leicestershire, for forty people at a christening. Nature had provided the sunshine, the parish provided the church and so all that was left was for Premier Hog Roast to provide some delicious grub, which of course, we never fail to do!

When you book a BBQ with Premier Hog Roast, we provide everything! From the barbeque food, to the chefs, to the servers, to the barbeque, and even the gazebo (because even if the Great British summer is unreliable sometimes, we never are, and we’re prepared for any type of weather!).

It’s Great Value for Money

We offer great value for money, outstanding food and an atmosphere that is hard to beat. Our expert chefs will make you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed, and all of our barbeques come with disposable napkins, cutlery and paper plates because who wants to be dealing with washing up after a barbeque?  Our most recent barbeque in Leicestershire was a great hit. Luckily the weather was on our side, so we arrived bright and early to set up.

The guests started to arrive at around half one, and by this time our grill was already fired up. The hosts opted for five items a head coming in at £10.95, amazing value considering our meat is all free range and locally sourced by Barry the Butcher in Stratford upon Avon, so you really can’t get any fresher.

Delicious Choices for the guests

Our guests had the choice between Pure British Beef and Pork and Apple Burgers, Old English Sausages, Gammon Steaks with Pineapple and cracked black pepper, chicken and prawn kebabs and lamb koftas for their meat. And whilst barbeques usually provoke thoughts of meat, we also provided a range of tasty vegetarian options: vegetables and halloumi, spiced courgettes and garlic mushrooms! As well as bread rolls, corn on the cobs and cheese and salad, our hosts opted for a luxury side of potato wedges with lemon, thyme and sea salt.

We had lots of lovely comments from our guests on our food, and the host said that “the day could not have been more perfect, the food was delicious and managed to perfection and the weather was fabulous”. In fact, they have booked us up for another event in the near future, except this time for one of our famous pig roasts!

All in all another successful day for Premier Hog Roast, and a lovely way to say farewell to the summer and hello to Autumn!

Join us again next week to see what we’ve been up to!