Xmas Jacket Potatoes in Birmingham and Leicester

The best way, in our expert opinion, to fight off the frost at your catered events this winter is with Premier Hog Roasts signature piping hot jacket potatoes. Whether you like beans, cheese, chilli or even all three in your spuds we guarantee to satisfy your hunger whilst serving you with a smile.

This week saw us travelling to some of our favourite neighbouring cities: Birmingham and Leicester. Once again, we’d like to remind all our readers that, despite being based in Coventry, West Midlands, there’s nothing we love more than travelling far and wide to deliver our delicious jacket potato menu. So if you live in any midlands or even London regions, from Cambridge to Leicestershire, you’re in luck! The amazing this is, all our delivery services are on us – we don’t believe in making you pay over the odds for great quality food.

In recent times we’ve seen more and more customers taking advantage of our freshly baked jacket potatoes, and considering our extensive and unique menu, we can’t at all blame them. All our spuds are cooked naturally in their skins, and we provide the choice to enjoy them hot or cold with a multitude of different fillings. Our fillings include: homemade chilli, homemade curry, baked beans, mature grated cheese and tuna mayonnaise. Not only this, when you order from our beloved jacket potato menu you receive disposable plates, cutlery and napkins completely free of charge!

Our Birmingham clients ordered a certified feast this week, buying over 200 hot jacket potatoes, with 2 choices of fillings: beans and cheese – a jacket potato classic! Whilst in Leicester, our clients went for a more international take on the simple spud, with curry and chilli (both deliciously homemade) as their fillings. Customer customisation is very important to us here at Premier Hog Roast, as we believe that your event can only be a success if it goes exactly to plan – and all your guests are satisfied of course! So if you have an idea for the perfect event, don’t hesitate to call us with your vision. We don’t just have our fantastic jacket potato menu on offer, we also provide hog roast hire, BBQ deals, buffet bonanzas and corporate contract services also!

If you don’t have enough people to justify throwing a party in order to experience our freshly baked jacket potatoes, never fear! This week in Leicestershire we catered an event for just 30 people. Whilst only advertising prices on our website for groups of over 50, we are happy to do all we can to help you out, just give us a call. Once again we must remind our customers to book with time to spare before your event to avoid disappointment: this time of year is extremely busy for us! Merry Christmas from everyone here at Premier Hog Roast.

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