Hog Roast Stratford

This week PHR travelled to a hog roast in Stratford, a beautifully picturesque town, home of the river Avon and the birthplace of perhaps the greatest literary mind of all time – William Shakespeare! Shakespeare was lucky to survive his formative years there, as within weeks of his birth in April 1564, the black plague had claimed nearly a third of the town’s population. Fortunately, we found Stratford to be plague free, and full of some of the friendliest people we’ve met on the road so far.

The occasion was an engagement party, and so the atmosphere was fantastic. We set up on a small green on the river, meaning our stall was just metres from the water’s edge. Our client’s guests stood on the grass, eating their pork baps and chatting, reminiscing about the happy couple to-be. The smell of our succulently roasted pigs must’ve wafted over across the river, as people on passing barges shouted their compliments over to us, and the guests. The view was magnificent, as the river stretched off into the distance, surrounded by green. If you’re going to have a hog roast… we suggest having a hog roast in Stratford!

Our guests chose to have their pig covered in a cider and sea salt flavour enhancing rub. We use these rubs because we know that they ensure that the succulence and taste of the meat remains superb throughout the roasting process. We slow roast our pigs in an upright fashion, so they retain their flavour. Whilst this isn’t the most traditional method, like turning the pig on a spit, we use it because we know it produces the best results. Your pig is roasted the night before your event, so whilst you may not get the visual effect of seeing the animal roasting at the venue, we can guarantee that the taste of our product will far outweigh the taste of other animals roasted by the traditional spit method. It also means we don’t have to arrive at your event 6 hours before the food is needed, like some other catering companies! We arrive in time enough to set up, prepare the food, and we’re ready to serve straight away.

Apart from the hog roast in Stratford, we were very busy this week. We had a couple of corporate buffets and an anniversary, for which we provided a beautiful fine dining menu. Our fine dining menu offers some extremely exquisite dishes, such as pan seared duck breast and the finest fillet steaks. Not only this, included in the price is the service of your own personal outfit of waiters and a chef! All our staff are trained highly in health & safety and hygiene, and will do everything they can to ensure that your event goes off smoothly.

So, do you have an upcoming event that needs catering? Feel free to peruse our website to see if we have something that catches your eye. Whether you’re into hog roasts, buffets, fine dining, or even a simple jacket potato, we’re sure that we can help you out. Contact us via the website.