Oxfordshire Hog Roast , BBQ & Jacket Potato Extravaganza

This week’s activities saw us providing an event in Oxfordshire with a wonderfully varied menu: a hog roast, BBQ and jacket potato extravaganza! One of the loveliest perks of the job for us as premier caterers is travelling far and wide to give our customers great food, a great time and great satisfaction. Second loveliest is the free food of course!

Oxfordshire is renowned for its heritage, and of course, it’s world famous university. Founded in 1096AD, Oxford University is the second oldest surviving university known to man (behind the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco) so we thought it was fitting we were bringing a pig roast, an age-old tradition often associated with great celebration! Here at Premier Hog Roast we aim to keep the way we work as traditional as possible – whether it’s sourcing all our meat from one reliable and free range source (luckily we’ve got trusty Barry the butcher for that) or using meat preparatory methods passed down through the generations to guarantee the best pork you may ever have tasted. We can’t tell you exactly how we do it, but what we can tell you is that all our pigs are treated the night before your event with a top secret and irresistible glaze that we can flavour in four different ways: cider and sea salt; thyme and rosemary; honey; and chilli! The customization doesn’t stop there, and this week’s event in question is a perfect demonstration of that. If you tell us that you want jacket potatoes, a BBQ, and a hog roast all in one go… who are we as caterers to deny you. If you tell us you want a succulent honey glazed pig roast with a bacon and apple stuffing, we’ll be sure to oblige. If you tell us the only way you’re having a BBQ is with lamb kofta kebabs and cider soaked pork fillet, then… you get the picture.

It’s great to see more and more customers in the run up to winter asking for our delicious jacket potato range. Don’t let the cold get you down this year, whether you’re in Oxford, Birmingham, Leicester or Cambridge, get your coat and warm yourself up with our superb spuds! Available with homemade chilli, homemade curry, baked beans, tuna mayonnaise or grated cheese.

Our blog event in Oxfordshire this week saw us cater for 400 people! Whilst only advertising pricing on our website for up to 200 people, we don’t want this to put you off our delicious menu. As avid readers of this blog will tell you, no event is too small and no venue is too unique. We aim to be caterers with our customer’s best interests at heart – and this is shown in the meticulous care we take week in week out to ensure that you have the hog roast you deserve. So, contact us via our website or give us a call to secure our services at your event today!