pig on a spit hog roast hire

Premier Hog Roast Hire – Better than a pig on a spit

Pig on a spit – or slow roasted?

More and more clients are ordering our hog roast hire, and can you blame them? Here at Premier Hog Roast we promise to provide you with a roasted pig that is succulent, delicious and well presented.

We order all our meat produce from our very own Barry the Butcher. With a wealth of experience under his belt, he helps us to make sure that we only use specimens that are free range, locally sourced and perfect for roasting. Every pig we use is ordered especially for your order at the closest time possible to your event, to ensure a fresh roast. We take meticulous care in preparing not just the hogs, but all of the food that we provide – whether that is a simple jacket potato for one or a massive BBQ for two hundred.

Putting a pig on a spit is a tradition that can be traced back through the millennia, and is used as a form of celebration all over the world in Cuba, Montenegro, the Americas and even Serbia. And even though putting the pig on a spit over an open fire or flame is the original method, there are a multitude of other ways used in different cultures and areas across the planet. Putting the pig in slow roasting ovens is our preferred method as it keeps the meat succulent and juicy and maintains more of the flavour.

We can’t tell you exactly what we do to our pigs to make them so delicious. But what we can tell you is that we rub every pig the night before your event with an olive oil and sea salt mixture which makes the skin crackle, the meat turn out tender, and ensures both will be delicious. We take our hog roast hire seriously, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with every roasted pig. We even give you the choice of 3 flavour enhancing rubs that we can smother the animal in pre-roast, and absolutely free of charge: thyme and rosemary; cider and sea salt; honey; or chilli. 

We don’t believe in charging you extra to have an event which goes off without a hitch. When ordering a roasted pig from us you get some additional extras that we threw in to sweeten the deal. Freshly baked soft floured bread rolls, Bramley apple sauce and sage & onion stuffing, condiments, sauces, disposable cutlery, plates and napkins; all come with your order free of charge. 

So if you need a hog roast, be sure to peruse our menu to see what great food we have on offer. We even have BBQ and jacket potato menus – we really do cater for any occasion! As we always say, no event is too small and no venue is too large. If you should like a booking before Christmas we advise you pick up the phone now to avoid disappointment; as the year draws to an end we are getting busier and busier! 

For booking please view https://premierhogroast.com/make-a-booking/ or for general enquiries please use this page https://premierhogroast.com/contact-premier-hog-roast/