Slow Roasted Hog Roast in Birmingham & Oxfordshire

Slow Roasted Hog Roast in BirminghamHow do you make a Hog Roast even more delicious? By slow roasting it of course…
Here at Premier Hog Roast, we know a thing or two about what goes into a perfect piggy.
However, at our most recent successful pig roast in Birmingham, we realised wherever we go, we get a lot of people asking questions: about the process we go through: how we get our hogs so tender and full of flavour? Where do we get a whole pig? Which got us thinking, in today’s society, people love to know where their food is coming from, what’s going into it, and what makes it better than the rest.
So, because we care, we thought that we would share with you lovely lot the process we go through, on how to roast a whole pig, from the moment we order our meat, to the satisfied feeling you get when you sink your teeth into one of our succulent pork and stuffing batches.
Step number one, the secret to any good pig roast, is a good pig. Without exception, we source all of our meat from Stratford-Upon-Avon’s very own Barry the Butchers. With a whopping thirty five years’ experience (and counting) under his belt, when we order from Barry we know that the meat we receive will be locally sourced, free range and nothing less than amazing quality.
Once the pig is delivered to our kitchen, we prepare him exactly the way you’ve asked us to; we have a huge range of flavours and sauces to meet all palettes. The whole pig is prepared the night before, rubbed with salt to make that crackling sizzle and then sealed into one of our self-contained slow roasting pig ovens for over seven hours, which we bring directly to you. A little known fact is that though a spit roast pig is amazing, a slow roasted pig is even better. Slow roasting seals the pig in all of that delicious flavour we lovingly marinated him in, meaning when we do crack our ovens open to feed the hungry crowds, the meat is more tender, more succulent, and more tasty. Slow roasting instead of spit roasting ensures the meat stays juicy and moist for as long as possible. And don’t you worry about the crackling: once we get to you we turn the heat right up; the aroma when we start serving our guests is truly an attack on the senses.
Our last secret is amazing service. Whatever accompaniments or side dishes you need, we can provide, meaning whether we’re catering here in our beloved Coventry and Warwickshire, or all the way out in Birmingham or Oxfordshire, you can be sure that we’ll turn up with freshly prepared sides, soft bread rolls and delicious stuffing and apple sauce.

Hog roasts are always a crowd pleaser and a talking point, but with Premier Hog Roast, you can be sure that our hog roasts are carefully and lovingly prepared from start to finish, locally sourced, and most importantly, always delicious, so that the only thing you need to worry about on your special day is enjoying yourself, and making sure that you’re first in line when we start serving! We can assure you we won’t make a pigs ear out of it!

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