Premier Hog Roasts in Buckinghamshire

This week was an extremely busy one for Premier Hog Roast. Throughout the week our team had a couple of jacket potato events and a corporate event, for which we brought a delicious feast from our fine dining menu. The biggest days work of the week though, was definitely a hog roast in Buckinghamshire. Over 200 people flocked to a local village hall for our clients birthday, and all were sent home with satisfied stomachs and stretching smiles!

Having a hog roast in Buckinghamshire was made all the more enjoyable by its picturesque scenery. On the hall’s field, as the pork was being dished out to the party guests, rolling sheets of green flecked with the occasional cluster of trees stretched off into the distance. The sun was low in the sky and shadows were starting to elongate. As people laughed and joked together, the smell of cider and sea salt soaked pork rose through the air, pleasuring the nostrils. This is what having a hog roast is all about!

The county’s scenery hasn’t gone unnoticed. The popular television show ‘Midsummer Murders’ is shot in the town of Aylesbury. The town has quaint old fashioned buildings which were perfect for the set of the fictional village in the series. If rumours are to be believed, Enid Blyton also came up with the idea for ToyTown – the fictional hometown of Noddy – in Beaconsfield. However, it’s not just the big screen that’s noticed the beautiful locations in Buckinghamshire, writers have also seemed to have gained their inspiration there. Mary Shelley reportedly also prepared her great gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’ in Marlow.

We like to think that our product was up to the beautiful landscape’s standards. All the guests were unanimous in their generous complimenting of the food: a cider and sea salt soaked pig, with floured fresh baps and a selection of salad. We had a lot of questions about the sourcing of our animals, and we told everyone who asked that we source all our pigs from our very own Barry the Butcher. He guarantees that all our animals are well kept, free range, and most important of all: extremely tasty. Locally sourcing our pigs, and in fact all our products, is important to us. We are a family run company with family values and we believe in helping your community. The great thing about this job is, as our famed hog roasts have become legend across the UK, we get to travel to more and more communities to give them the gift of our glorious pigs! What’s more, is that we deliver all our menus free of charge. Whether it’s a hog roast in Buckinghamshire, or a jacket potato order in Oxford, or a buffet in Birmingham. When you book with us we make sure you’re aware of all the things on the bill so there’s no surprise charges. We also try to include as much as possible so you get more bang for your buck – like throwing in the service of a uniformed staff, including chef, on all fine dining orders absolutely free of charge. Feel free to contact us about our great menus today!

Premier Hog Roasts in Gloucestershire

We don’t know what it is about our hog roasts in Gloucestershire. The residents of the county just can’t seem to get enough of our splendidly roasted pigs. We’re not complaining – we love to travel far and wide to deliver our delicious menus to our customers. We’re now so well known there that it just might be our favourite county to cater for… behind our beloved Warwickshire of course!

Yes, over the years we’ve had many an event in the glorious county. Whether it’s a birthday at Cirencester, a ladies day at Cheltenham, or a corporate event  in Gloucester itself – we’re always arriving with a fully loaded van and smiles on our faces. Is it due to a lack of hog roast companies in Gloucestershire? Is there a link between Gloucestershire’s location and the desire for our perfect pigs? Maybe legend of our professionalism and the taste of our pork has seared through the Cotswolds like wildfire, spread by word of mouth and halted by no bad review. Yes, that must be it… Regardless of the reason, we thought it fitting to dedicate this weeks blog to a county who fully support us in our ongoing battle to provide the best hog roasts, BBQ’s and jacket potatoes in all of the United Kingdom. Gloucestershire, we salute you!

Obviously, we don’t exclusively provide hog roasts in Gloucestershire, we provide an assortment of food (from hog roasts to BBQ’s to fine dining) to a massive range of locations, covering the midlands and London regions. And while we wholly commend the support of Gloucestershire’s hog roast loving population, naturally we don’t want anyone to feel left out. We want to have such a relationship with every county in our delivery range! Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, don’t be disheartened, we’re sure that soon you may too have a level of commitment to our services that is equal to that of the mighty Gloucestershire.

On a serious note, we would like to let all our customers know that no bias towards Gloucestershire can be seen in our food – everything on our menu is unreservedly cooked to a level of perfection which is sent across our delivery range, regardless of varying levels of county support… Yes, we don’t care if you’re a builder from Oxfordshire or a lawyer from Leicestershire, we promise to always deliver pigs that are roasted to perfection and service that is second to none, all delivered totally free of charge to your doorstep. So, if you need a hog roast, in Gloucestershire or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, or the ‘contact us’ part of this website. As always, no event is too small and no venue is too large!