Hertfordshire Hog Roast is increasingly popular

This week we served up a beautiful Hertfordshire Hog Roast in an equally beautiful hall near St. Albans. The grounds were expertly well kept, and guests of all ages occupied the neatly trimmed lawns, dressed to the nines in celebration of a local charity event. Despite the typical January temperatures, the sun still shone – a miracle in itself – and the day was enjoyable for all involved.

It made us feel proud to be considered and subsequently booked for an event of such importance to an entire community of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and we knew we had to produce a feast befitting of such a prestigious venue and noble cause. The guest list stretched to nearly 400, and so two glorious free range orchard pigs were used, each covered in its own flavour enhancing rubs: cider and sea salt; thyme and rosemary, honey and chilli. Half were filled with a traditional cant-go-wrong sage and onion stuffing, whilst the others were filled with a more contemporary bacon and apple stuffing. Guests loved the combinations we provided, and many were seen to be using a variety of different pigs to produce towering and succulent pork baps (we admire their creativity!) which were all fresh, floured and buttered. There were also jacket potatoes, filled with an assortment of tasty accompaniments such as home-cooked chilli, cheddar cheese and BBQ beans. Hertfordshire loved the food we brought!

As a family run company, we pride ourselves on our reliability, and therefore hire staff who are extremely professional. In addition to this, we aim to ensure that everyone from Premier Hog Roast is approachable and genuine. In Hertfordshire, our staff performed admirably, considering the number of people there was to serve. Each guest was given their food with a smile, and I often saw the guests and our staff joking. The rapport between us, our client, and their guests, is vital in any event we cater for. We believe that a light and happy yet professional atmosphere is the best for a hog roast… because it’s best to only be focused on the company of your family, friends or colleagues, and of course the beautiful taste of slow roasted pork. Let us worry about all the rest!

In short, we make your event run smoothly by taking on all responsibilities associated with organising the event. We deliver the food free of charge, staff the event with professional and approachable workers, stay till each and every guest’s stomachs are filled, and can even put on entertainment if required, in the form of a DJ. All you have to do is invite the guests and tell us when to show up! So if you have an upcoming event which needs catering, don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone/email, both available from the ‘contact us’ section of this website. No venue is too small and no event is too large!