This week saw us doing a hog roast in Surrey

This week PHR put on a hog roast in Surrey. Surrey is an extremely picturesque county, and full of history – it is home to such towns as Godalming and Guildford. We really enjoyed travelling there and meeting the guests of our clients. The event was a fundraiser, to raise money for a local charity. Everyone there had a great time, and there ended up being thousands of pounds raised overall. Premier Hog Roast were happy to have helped facilitate this charitable event!

Here at Premier Hog Roast we don’t just deliver you a pig for eating: we bring with us the equipment and personnel required to provide you with a finely tailored feast that is sure to be perfect for any occasion. No party is too big; no venue is too unique. If you need a hog roast, you need us! We don’t just reserve our equipment for our own use either, if you have an event which you are catering yourself, we offer a catering equipment hire service which is extremely affordable. All the equipment is of a professional standard, and is kept in such a way – being cleaned rigorously after being rented out. We have bain mairies, refrigerators, gas ovens and serving stations. It doesn’t stop there, we can even provide furniture – a plethora of tables and chairs – and cutlery – disposable or crockery.

Don’t forget our fine dining menu! Each meal on our fine dining catering menus was chosen for its taste and sophistication. Whether it’s our sautéed asparagus-stuffed chicken breast with Gruyere cheese, our fillet steak with red wine jus and mushroom pate or our baked tuna loin in a tomato and fresh herb sauce, you’re sure to be taken aback by the standard of our food whilst being so affordable. Part of what makes our service such good value for money is what’s included in the price. This price includes a uniformed chef and staff to serve for four hours, (any additional hours are charged at an hourly rate of £15 per member of staff) as well as presentation dishes, crockery, cutlery, napkins & linen. Also, delivery to your event is included in the initial price. As always, we want you to know that we deliver our fine dining catering to all midland regions and London areas from our base in Coventry, Warwickshire.

There’s several things which makes Premier Hog Roast the ideal choice for your function or event. It could be our extremely high customer satisfaction rate, or it could be our premium meat – sourced locally and exclusively by our friend Barry the Butcher. Or, it could be the fact that we take on full responsibility of making sure your event goes off without a hitch, whether it’s a modest back garden or a grand hall. Our staff really do work hard to give you the best event possible. And, who doesn’t love a pig roast? Be sure to contact us here or by telephone to secure our services.

Premier Hog roast in Bristol

This week saw Premier Hog Roast in Bristol, to cater for a 40th wedding anniversary. It was a great occasion – the venue was a hall just outside the city, and there were over 200 guests! There were lots of presents, and many guests also gave speeches consisting of memories of the happy couple. Even some of our team were getting a bit emotional!

Bristol is the sixth most populous city in England, home to approximately half a million inhabitants. Having said that, it didn’t feel crowded during our visit. in fact, it was rather peaceful, there also being some great sights to see: there’s the SS Great Britain, a living museum on a ship; or the Clifton suspension bridge; and Cabot Tower, offering great views of the city from the top of 108 narrow steps. All in all, a very nice place to visit – one we’d recommend to anyone!

Bristol Hog Roast – Thyme and rosemary with walnut and mushroom stuffing

Our client this week opted for their pig to be smothered with our thyme and rosemary flavour enhancing rub, and chose walnut and mushroom as their stuffing of choice – a great decision, if we do say so ourselves. We rub all our animals as standard with olive oil and salt before roasting. This ensures that the meat stays succulent, and the crackling stays perfectly crackly. Instead of using the traditional spit roast method, we slow-roast all our pigs in self-contained ovens. Whilst it keeps the flavour locked into the product, it also means that we can roast the animal prior to your event. Yes, the traditional method may be more aesthetically pleasing to have on show for your guests, but believe us it can be awkward when a hog roast company wants to access your venue 6 hours before you even arrive to set up! With Premier Hog Roast, there’s no fuss. Our team are all trained in health and safety, and hygiene, and they deliver the product to your venue on time, every time. Within minutes, they are set up and ready to go… we even have our own equipment! This means that no matter where you want to have a hog roast, we can oblige you.

Why not make good use of our salad range? It’s affordable, but also deviously delicious. We have some great salads available: spicy couscous; mixed leaf; Mediterranean; chunky crunchy coleslaw; and rocket, parmesan, olive and cucumber. At £3.95 per 3 items, and £4.95 per 5 items, they’re a steal. Also, great for any of your guests who may be vegetarian.

So, if you have an upcoming event that needs catering, why not make it a hog roast? We offer free delivery to all London and Midland regions, so whether it’s a hog roast in Bristol, Oxford, Essex or Birmingham, we’ll be there! Contact us here, or by email or telephone.

Premier Hog roast in Leicester

At the start of this week we put on a glorious hog roast in Leicester. The event, with just 40 guests, was relatively small compared to most of the roasts that we do, however it was made all the more intimate and enjoyable because of it.

The event was planned as a surprise birthday celebration, for a huge Leicester FC fan. The venue was adorned with Leicester paraphernalia such as posters and bunting, and guests were even asked to wear blue. There was a football cake to mark the occasion, and some guests came dressed up as players. Although sadly, none of the side’s boys in blue could make it down… they mustn’t have got the memo! Leicester have obviously enjoyed great success and fans moods must currently be at all-time highs, but after our softly floured pork baps accompanied by our traditional sage and onion stuffing, their recent victory of the premier league was soon forgotten…

There’s something great about celebrating with a hog roast. In Leicester, the football fanatics were ecstatic for our slow roasted pork. We were asked how we ensure the meat retains its succulence, whilst still holding ridiculously enormous amounts of flavour. We were interrogated as to how we made sure the crackling was perfectly crispy. We can’t reveal all our secrets, but we can tell you a little bit about how we make our piggies so perfect.

Firstly, we slow roast all our pigs in an upright fashion. This helps to lock in the flavour more than the alternative, and quite commonly used, method of turning the animal on a spit. Before roasting we rub the pig with a special formula containing olive oil and salt – which aids the crackling process, and produces the great crackling which we so often get quizzed about. To go with the baps, we provide your favourite stuffing out of our four options: traditional sage and onion; bacon and apple; walnut and mushroom; or cranberry. We also offer four different types of flavour enhancing rubs, to add yet another dimension to the customisability of your event: cider and sea salt; thyme and rosemary; honey; and chilli.

As if this wasn’t enough to ensure the high-quality nature of our product, we even go to the length of using only one butcher, who provides us with only premium free range animals, and has done for close to 20 years. Yes, where would we be without our very own Barry the Butcher!

Sound good to you? If you have an upcoming event that needs catering, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer free delivery across midland and London regions, so whether it’s a hog roast in Leicester, or a buffet in Oxford, we’ll be there on time every time at no additional cost! Contact us via the ‘contact us’ part of this website, by telephone or email.


Fundraising hog roast catering in Wiltshire

As we were providing hog roast catering in Wiltshire last week, the Premier Hog Roast van could be seen travelling down the motorway to Swindon in much appreciated sunshine. We had a great time in the county, and decided we may have to visit more often considering the weather we experienced. We also found out that Wiltshire not only has the largest Chinese takeaway in the U.K., it also had the smallest church – having just a 13 x    11ft floor space, it can only seat 4 people… you learn something new everyday!

The cause for celebration this week was a fundraiser just outside Swindon, where the local community were trying to raise enough money to help their village’s primary school build a new sports hall for the children. We were happy to be a part of such a noble cause. Guests included people from towns and villages all around, the atmosphere was cheery, and the food was magnificent – if we do say so ourselves! Along with their previous efforts and events, at the end of the day enough money had finally been raised to start construction on the new hall. We even managed to secure another fundraiser in a couple of weeks time via a guest at the event – lamb roast is on the menu for that day. Do you have an upcoming charity event which needs to be catered for? Contact us via our website, we would love to help!

A cider and sea salt soaked pig went down a treat at the Wiltshire hog roast. Guests queued and queued at our stand to pick up their soft and freshly floured baps, subsequently filling them with our succulently slow roasted and spectacularly flavoured pulled pork. Our client had opted for a traditional sage and onion stuffing as an accompaniment – one of our personal favourites – and a large selection of salad was also on offer.

We don’t know exactly why our hog roasts taste so great… it could be down to a lot of reasons! Maybe it’s because we slow roast our pigs in an upright manner, with specialised and professional equipment. It might be because we smother our produce with an aromatic and taste-locking flavour enhancing rub the night before cooking. Possibly, it could be because we source all our animals from our very own Barry the Butcher – he makes sure that all the pigs we use are free range and top quality. We trust him, he’s got over 25 years of experience under his belt. Whatever the reason, you’ll only be able to find out by booking us and seeing for yourself.

So, no matter the location of the event or the level of cooking equipment available, the cause for celebration or the size of the venue, we’re confident that we can make your event go off without a hitch. We include free delivery on all large orders across the midland and London regions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via this website.


Premier Hog Roasts in Buckinghamshire

This week was an extremely busy one for Premier Hog Roast. Throughout the week our team had a couple of jacket potato events and a corporate event, for which we brought a delicious feast from our fine dining menu. The biggest days work of the week though, was definitely a hog roast in Buckinghamshire. Over 200 people flocked to a local village hall for our clients birthday, and all were sent home with satisfied stomachs and stretching smiles!

Having a hog roast in Buckinghamshire was made all the more enjoyable by its picturesque scenery. On the hall’s field, as the pork was being dished out to the party guests, rolling sheets of green flecked with the occasional cluster of trees stretched off into the distance. The sun was low in the sky and shadows were starting to elongate. As people laughed and joked together, the smell of cider and sea salt soaked pork rose through the air, pleasuring the nostrils. This is what having a hog roast is all about!

The county’s scenery hasn’t gone unnoticed. The popular television show ‘Midsummer Murders’ is shot in the town of Aylesbury. The town has quaint old fashioned buildings which were perfect for the set of the fictional village in the series. If rumours are to be believed, Enid Blyton also came up with the idea for ToyTown – the fictional hometown of Noddy – in Beaconsfield. However, it’s not just the big screen that’s noticed the beautiful locations in Buckinghamshire, writers have also seemed to have gained their inspiration there. Mary Shelley reportedly also prepared her great gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’ in Marlow.

We like to think that our product was up to the beautiful landscape’s standards. All the guests were unanimous in their generous complimenting of the food: a cider and sea salt soaked pig, with floured fresh baps and a selection of salad. We had a lot of questions about the sourcing of our animals, and we told everyone who asked that we source all our pigs from our very own Barry the Butcher. He guarantees that all our animals are well kept, free range, and most important of all: extremely tasty. Locally sourcing our pigs, and in fact all our products, is important to us. We are a family run company with family values and we believe in helping your community. The great thing about this job is, as our famed hog roasts have become legend across the UK, we get to travel to more and more communities to give them the gift of our glorious pigs! What’s more, is that we deliver all our menus free of charge. Whether it’s a hog roast in Buckinghamshire, or a jacket potato order in Oxford, or a buffet in Birmingham. When you book with us we make sure you’re aware of all the things on the bill so there’s no surprise charges. We also try to include as much as possible so you get more bang for your buck – like throwing in the service of a uniformed staff, including chef, on all fine dining orders absolutely free of charge. Feel free to contact us about our great menus today!

Hertfordshire Hog Roast is increasingly popular

This week we served up a beautiful Hertfordshire Hog Roast in an equally beautiful hall near St. Albans. The grounds were expertly well kept, and guests of all ages occupied the neatly trimmed lawns, dressed to the nines in celebration of a local charity event. Despite the typical January temperatures, the sun still shone – a miracle in itself – and the day was enjoyable for all involved.

It made us feel proud to be considered and subsequently booked for an event of such importance to an entire community of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and we knew we had to produce a feast befitting of such a prestigious venue and noble cause. The guest list stretched to nearly 400, and so two glorious free range orchard pigs were used, each covered in its own flavour enhancing rubs: cider and sea salt; thyme and rosemary, honey and chilli. Half were filled with a traditional cant-go-wrong sage and onion stuffing, whilst the others were filled with a more contemporary bacon and apple stuffing. Guests loved the combinations we provided, and many were seen to be using a variety of different pigs to produce towering and succulent pork baps (we admire their creativity!) which were all fresh, floured and buttered. There were also jacket potatoes, filled with an assortment of tasty accompaniments such as home-cooked chilli, cheddar cheese and BBQ beans. Hertfordshire loved the food we brought!

As a family run company, we pride ourselves on our reliability, and therefore hire staff who are extremely professional. In addition to this, we aim to ensure that everyone from Premier Hog Roast is approachable and genuine. In Hertfordshire, our staff performed admirably, considering the number of people there was to serve. Each guest was given their food with a smile, and I often saw the guests and our staff joking. The rapport between us, our client, and their guests, is vital in any event we cater for. We believe that a light and happy yet professional atmosphere is the best for a hog roast… because it’s best to only be focused on the company of your family, friends or colleagues, and of course the beautiful taste of slow roasted pork. Let us worry about all the rest!

In short, we make your event run smoothly by taking on all responsibilities associated with organising the event. We deliver the food free of charge, staff the event with professional and approachable workers, stay till each and every guest’s stomachs are filled, and can even put on entertainment if required, in the form of a DJ. All you have to do is invite the guests and tell us when to show up! So if you have an upcoming event which needs catering, don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone/email, both available from the ‘contact us’ section of this website. No venue is too small and no event is too large!

Premier Hog Roasts in Gloucestershire

We don’t know what it is about our hog roasts in Gloucestershire. The residents of the county just can’t seem to get enough of our splendidly roasted pigs. We’re not complaining – we love to travel far and wide to deliver our delicious menus to our customers. We’re now so well known there that it just might be our favourite county to cater for… behind our beloved Warwickshire of course!

Yes, over the years we’ve had many an event in the glorious county. Whether it’s a birthday at Cirencester, a ladies day at Cheltenham, or a corporate event  in Gloucester itself – we’re always arriving with a fully loaded van and smiles on our faces. Is it due to a lack of hog roast companies in Gloucestershire? Is there a link between Gloucestershire’s location and the desire for our perfect pigs? Maybe legend of our professionalism and the taste of our pork has seared through the Cotswolds like wildfire, spread by word of mouth and halted by no bad review. Yes, that must be it… Regardless of the reason, we thought it fitting to dedicate this weeks blog to a county who fully support us in our ongoing battle to provide the best hog roasts, BBQ’s and jacket potatoes in all of the United Kingdom. Gloucestershire, we salute you!

Obviously, we don’t exclusively provide hog roasts in Gloucestershire, we provide an assortment of food (from hog roasts to BBQ’s to fine dining) to a massive range of locations, covering the midlands and London regions. And while we wholly commend the support of Gloucestershire’s hog roast loving population, naturally we don’t want anyone to feel left out. We want to have such a relationship with every county in our delivery range! Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, don’t be disheartened, we’re sure that soon you may too have a level of commitment to our services that is equal to that of the mighty Gloucestershire.

On a serious note, we would like to let all our customers know that no bias towards Gloucestershire can be seen in our food – everything on our menu is unreservedly cooked to a level of perfection which is sent across our delivery range, regardless of varying levels of county support… Yes, we don’t care if you’re a builder from Oxfordshire or a lawyer from Leicestershire, we promise to always deliver pigs that are roasted to perfection and service that is second to none, all delivered totally free of charge to your doorstep. So, if you need a hog roast, in Gloucestershire or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, or the ‘contact us’ part of this website. As always, no event is too small and no venue is too large!

Birmingham Hog Roast Kicks Off the New Year

In our first event of the new year, Premier Hog Roast catered for a whopping 200 people at a Birmingham hog roast. Despite the cold weather, all involved had a great time, enjoying a particularly beautiful cider and sea salt smothered pig!

We can all finally say that, after having got the new year festivities out of the way, we are on the inexorably long journey to summer where temperatures and moods are on the whole more agreeable. Although, in the meantime we must endure! And endure is what our most recent clients at the hog roast in Birmingham surely did – there was an icy chill in the air as we arrived at the venue to set up for the event, and it was all too easy to see your breath. However, this didn’t faze our clients, who proceeded to laugh and joke together as they enjoyed the magnificent taste of a gloriously roasted pig.

At the Birmingham hog roast, we found a few of the guests asking our staff about the sourcing of our produce. As we often say via this blog, we source all our meat, without a single exception, from our very own Barry the Butcher. Having over 25 years of experience in the business, Barry helps us to make sure that all the meat we buy is not only top quality, but also free range. In our time with us, Barry has yet to disappoint, and this is reflected in the taste and presentation our product. We use a single butcher to protect the consistent brilliant standard of our hog roasts. We make a promise to all our customers that every aspect of our service will be exceptional, especially the taste, and what better way to help us do that than a fair-trade butcher with a vast wealth of experience.

Another area in which we aim to excel is in the level of personalisation our customers have access to when ordering from us. This isn’t just restricted to our hog roast menu either, we also offer many options across our other menus. Whether its beans, chilli or cheese you like in your jacket potatoes, Cumberland or pork sausages, traditional angus beef or our own lamb koftas in your BBQ, we aim to please! Take the recent hog roast in Birmingham for example: it wasn’t just a run of the mill, slow roasted pig, it was delicately covered in a cider and sea salt flavouring rub, and was served with a bacon and apple stuffing at the request of our clients.

From all of us here at Premier Hog Roast, we wish you all the best for the new year ahead of us. As always, if you are in need of catering – be it a BBQ, hog roast, jacket potato menu, or even fine dining – then you need us! Feel free to contact us via the contact section of this website.  

Other Recent Events include Festive Fine Dining Catering by Premier Hog Roast & Xmas Jacket Potatoes in Birmingham and Leicester

Medieval Hog Roast in Warwick

warwick-castle-ceasars-tower-660x463October/November and December are possibly the most perfect time of year for Hog Roast Hires, hence why we always find ourselves so busy during this period!

There is no event we won’t cater for, nor many we haven’t tried already but in preparation for the Halloween season, this week Premier Hog Roast were asked to cater for an event to which they had never catered before! A Medieval Themed Hog Roast night in Warwick! Taking a Hog Roast back to its historical roots indeed. Roasting a whole pig or animal goes back to the prehistoric caveman era, however, in the Middle Ages, putting on a Hog Roast or any kind of whole spit-roasted animal was reserved for great celebrations, gatherings and events! It was a true display of wealth and status to have a whole pig, and a sign of great strength especially if the animal was hunted, and there was often a great banquet with a table-topping Hog Roast centre piece to celebrate the end of the successful hunting season.

Now, here at Premier Hog Roast we can’t exactly promise to hunt the piggy ourselves, we prefer to source ours with renowned, fair trade, free range local resourcer Barry the Butcher in Stratford (we think it’s much kinder that way) however when you hire with us, you can be sure that you will be receiving the same grandeur, dramatic effect and talking point for grub that it would have been all those hundreds of years ago… but back then we don’t suppose that they had quite as many recipes for beautiful Barbeque rub that we do in our Hog Roast kitchen! So really when you put it like that, we bet our Hog Roast Hire is even tastier! Another advantage to a Hog Roast hire with us…. Spare the servants! The clean-up is all taken care of with us, not one oven to scrub or piece of tin foil to recycle! We’ll handle it all.

The Hog Roast Hire was an amazing fit and perfect choice for the evening! Lit by lanterns and open fires, our pig was steaming and sizzling, kicking up all the mouth-watering meaty aromas, paired with flame torches and kegs of chilled cider and beer to accompany the delicious pork and stuffing batches, all with a view of stunning Warwick Castle over the hill! Having the pig slow roasting added the perfect visual to the already amazingly planned evening and everybody was really excited and happy to get involved and have a try, and it was amazing to see all the effort and how much everybody got involved with the theme of the evening, especially when it takes place in the Midlands, our favourite place!
We love this time of year because of all the exciting events and wintery spirit, with everyone getting geared up for long nights and the holiday season!

All in all another great success for Premier Hog Roast, here’s hoping that the Autumn season brings us lots more exciting events like these! Premier Hog Roast, the perfect catering option for your birthday, christening, wedding and now for all your medieval needs too! 😉