Premier Hog roast in Leicester

At the start of this week we put on a glorious hog roast in Leicester. The event, with just 40 guests, was relatively small compared to most of the roasts that we do, however it was made all the more intimate and enjoyable because of it.

The event was planned as a surprise birthday celebration, for a huge Leicester FC fan. The venue was adorned with Leicester paraphernalia such as posters and bunting, and guests were even asked to wear blue. There was a football cake to mark the occasion, and some guests came dressed up as players. Although sadly, none of the side’s boys in blue could make it down… they mustn’t have got the memo! Leicester have obviously enjoyed great success and fans moods must currently be at all-time highs, but after our softly floured pork baps accompanied by our traditional sage and onion stuffing, their recent victory of the premier league was soon forgotten…

There’s something great about celebrating with a hog roast. In Leicester, the football fanatics were ecstatic for our slow roasted pork. We were asked how we ensure the meat retains its succulence, whilst still holding ridiculously enormous amounts of flavour. We were interrogated as to how we made sure the crackling was perfectly crispy. We can’t reveal all our secrets, but we can tell you a little bit about how we make our piggies so perfect.

Firstly, we slow roast all our pigs in an upright fashion. This helps to lock in the flavour more than the alternative, and quite commonly used, method of turning the animal on a spit. Before roasting we rub the pig with a special formula containing olive oil and salt – which aids the crackling process, and produces the great crackling which we so often get quizzed about. To go with the baps, we provide your favourite stuffing out of our four options: traditional sage and onion; bacon and apple; walnut and mushroom; or cranberry. We also offer four different types of flavour enhancing rubs, to add yet another dimension to the customisability of your event: cider and sea salt; thyme and rosemary; honey; and chilli.

As if this wasn’t enough to ensure the high-quality nature of our product, we even go to the length of using only one butcher, who provides us with only premium free range animals, and has done for close to 20 years. Yes, where would we be without our very own Barry the Butcher!

Sound good to you? If you have an upcoming event that needs catering, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer free delivery across midland and London regions, so whether it’s a hog roast in Leicester, or a buffet in Oxford, we’ll be there on time every time at no additional cost! Contact us via the ‘contact us’ part of this website, by telephone or email.