Birmingham Hog Roast Kicks Off the New Year

In our first event of the new year, Premier Hog Roast catered for a whopping 200 people at a Birmingham hog roast. Despite the cold weather, all involved had a great time, enjoying a particularly beautiful cider and sea salt smothered pig!

We can all finally say that, after having got the new year festivities out of the way, we are on the inexorably long journey to summer where temperatures and moods are on the whole more agreeable. Although, in the meantime we must endure! And endure is what our most recent clients at the hog roast in Birmingham surely did – there was an icy chill in the air as we arrived at the venue to set up for the event, and it was all too easy to see your breath. However, this didn’t faze our clients, who proceeded to laugh and joke together as they enjoyed the magnificent taste of a gloriously roasted pig.

At the Birmingham hog roast, we found a few of the guests asking our staff about the sourcing of our produce. As we often say via this blog, we source all our meat, without a single exception, from our very own Barry the Butcher. Having over 25 years of experience in the business, Barry helps us to make sure that all the meat we buy is not only top quality, but also free range. In our time with us, Barry has yet to disappoint, and this is reflected in the taste and presentation our product. We use a single butcher to protect the consistent brilliant standard of our hog roasts. We make a promise to all our customers that every aspect of our service will be exceptional, especially the taste, and what better way to help us do that than a fair-trade butcher with a vast wealth of experience.

Another area in which we aim to excel is in the level of personalisation our customers have access to when ordering from us. This isn’t just restricted to our hog roast menu either, we also offer many options across our other menus. Whether its beans, chilli or cheese you like in your jacket potatoes, Cumberland or pork sausages, traditional angus beef or our own lamb koftas in your BBQ, we aim to please! Take the recent hog roast in Birmingham for example: it wasn’t just a run of the mill, slow roasted pig, it was delicately covered in a cider and sea salt flavouring rub, and was served with a bacon and apple stuffing at the request of our clients.

From all of us here at Premier Hog Roast, we wish you all the best for the new year ahead of us. As always, if you are in need of catering – be it a BBQ, hog roast, jacket potato menu, or even fine dining – then you need us! Feel free to contact us via the contact section of this website.  

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Medieval Hog Roast in Warwick

warwick-castle-ceasars-tower-660x463October/November and December are possibly the most perfect time of year for Hog Roast Hires, hence why we always find ourselves so busy during this period!

There is no event we won’t cater for, nor many we haven’t tried already but in preparation for the Halloween season, this week Premier Hog Roast were asked to cater for an event to which they had never catered before! A Medieval Themed Hog Roast night in Warwick! Taking a Hog Roast back to its historical roots indeed. Roasting a whole pig or animal goes back to the prehistoric caveman era, however, in the Middle Ages, putting on a Hog Roast or any kind of whole spit-roasted animal was reserved for great celebrations, gatherings and events! It was a true display of wealth and status to have a whole pig, and a sign of great strength especially if the animal was hunted, and there was often a great banquet with a table-topping Hog Roast centre piece to celebrate the end of the successful hunting season.

Now, here at Premier Hog Roast we can’t exactly promise to hunt the piggy ourselves, we prefer to source ours with renowned, fair trade, free range local resourcer Barry the Butcher in Stratford (we think it’s much kinder that way) however when you hire with us, you can be sure that you will be receiving the same grandeur, dramatic effect and talking point for grub that it would have been all those hundreds of years ago… but back then we don’t suppose that they had quite as many recipes for beautiful Barbeque rub that we do in our Hog Roast kitchen! So really when you put it like that, we bet our Hog Roast Hire is even tastier! Another advantage to a Hog Roast hire with us…. Spare the servants! The clean-up is all taken care of with us, not one oven to scrub or piece of tin foil to recycle! We’ll handle it all.

The Hog Roast Hire was an amazing fit and perfect choice for the evening! Lit by lanterns and open fires, our pig was steaming and sizzling, kicking up all the mouth-watering meaty aromas, paired with flame torches and kegs of chilled cider and beer to accompany the delicious pork and stuffing batches, all with a view of stunning Warwick Castle over the hill! Having the pig slow roasting added the perfect visual to the already amazingly planned evening and everybody was really excited and happy to get involved and have a try, and it was amazing to see all the effort and how much everybody got involved with the theme of the evening, especially when it takes place in the Midlands, our favourite place!
We love this time of year because of all the exciting events and wintery spirit, with everyone getting geared up for long nights and the holiday season!

All in all another great success for Premier Hog Roast, here’s hoping that the Autumn season brings us lots more exciting events like these! Premier Hog Roast, the perfect catering option for your birthday, christening, wedding and now for all your medieval needs too! 😉

To Hire or Not to Hire a Hog Roast

Here at Premier Hog Roast, we’re all about convenience and organisation so we created a package for hog roast hire.

We believe that Pig Roast Hire is the very best way to celebrate any special occasion: it’s delicious, filling, it looks impressive… but the biggest factor we believe that tips it over the edge is that it saves you a job! Allow us to elaborate; times are hard, the government is mean, and a lot of people go to great lengths to save the pennies nowadays… Therefore a lot of people turn to self-catering, or home made catering, to save the cash on their big days. But what a lot of people don’t comprehend when they do this is that they inadvertently put themselves under a great load of pressure, time consumption, organisation, and at the very least, an awful lot of washing up!

More often than not, the price of “cutting back” adds up to the same or even more than the original cost of catering. In fact, nowadays a lot of people forgo any type of catering whatsoever, even on their wedding days and simply put on a spread that their Mum has stayed up till three in the morning to make, because they don’t believe that affordable and good quality are a pair that go hand in hand. However, here at Premier Hog Roast we don’t think that that is the case.
When you hire a hog roast with us, we can guarantee that you will have no regrets whatsoever, and here are our top 3 reasons why we think hiring is the way forward.

Top 3 Reasons why Hog Roast Hire is a great idea

1. Equipment – a lot of people don’t have the capacity in their own kitchens to cater for a great number of people, and as a consequence to this, you lose freshness, because everything needs preparing bit by bit! With a Hog Roast Hire from Premier Hog Roast, we can provide everything.Yes, everything. The self-contained ovens, the gazebo, tables, cutlery, sides, drinks, you name it and we can accommodate it. And we never forget anything. We are always prepared. And we come straight to you: no running around, no last minute dashes to the supermarket, we cater all over the West Midlands and beyond. In short: no hassle.

2. Value for money – Price is the determining factor with so many things these days and catering is no exception. But the thing about Pig Roast Hire is that though it seems expensive, when you consider you could have everyone fed a delicious hot meal for as little as £500 (the average wedding catering costs anywhere upwards of £4000 for a party of 150) then it doesn’t seem too dear after all!

3. Your big day should be your big day! The last thing that you want on your special occasion is to be faffing with food, counting canapes and making sure everyone has eaten! The number one comment we receive is how happy people are that they hired us and trusted us to run things smoothly! A Hog Roast Hire is an amazing talking point, looks and smells incredible and really adds to the atmosphere of any event, come rain or shine!

Still not sure?

Here at Premier Hog Roast we make sure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Why not give us a call with your ideas on 024 7668 0777 and see what we can make happen!

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