Premier Hog roast in Bristol

This week saw Premier Hog Roast in Bristol, to cater for a 40th wedding anniversary. It was a great occasion – the venue was a hall just outside the city, and there were over 200 guests! There were lots of presents, and many guests also gave speeches consisting of memories of the happy couple. Even some of our team were getting a bit emotional!

Bristol is the sixth most populous city in England, home to approximately half a million inhabitants. Having said that, it didn’t feel crowded during our visit. in fact, it was rather peaceful, there also being some great sights to see: there’s the SS Great Britain, a living museum on a ship; or the Clifton suspension bridge; and Cabot Tower, offering great views of the city from the top of 108 narrow steps. All in all, a very nice place to visit – one we’d recommend to anyone!

Bristol Hog Roast – Thyme and rosemary with walnut and mushroom stuffing

Our client this week opted for their pig to be smothered with our thyme and rosemary flavour enhancing rub, and chose walnut and mushroom as their stuffing of choice – a great decision, if we do say so ourselves. We rub all our animals as standard with olive oil and salt before roasting. This ensures that the meat stays succulent, and the crackling stays perfectly crackly. Instead of using the traditional spit roast method, we slow-roast all our pigs in self-contained ovens. Whilst it keeps the flavour locked into the product, it also means that we can roast the animal prior to your event. Yes, the traditional method may be more aesthetically pleasing to have on show for your guests, but believe us it can be awkward when a hog roast company wants to access your venue 6 hours before you even arrive to set up! With Premier Hog Roast, there’s no fuss. Our team are all trained in health and safety, and hygiene, and they deliver the product to your venue on time, every time. Within minutes, they are set up and ready to go… we even have our own equipment! This means that no matter where you want to have a hog roast, we can oblige you.

Why not make good use of our salad range? It’s affordable, but also deviously delicious. We have some great salads available: spicy couscous; mixed leaf; Mediterranean; chunky crunchy coleslaw; and rocket, parmesan, olive and cucumber. At £3.95 per 3 items, and £4.95 per 5 items, they’re a steal. Also, great for any of your guests who may be vegetarian.

So, if you have an upcoming event that needs catering, why not make it a hog roast? We offer free delivery to all London and Midland regions, so whether it’s a hog roast in Bristol, Oxford, Essex or Birmingham, we’ll be there! Contact us here, or by email or telephone.