Fundraising hog roast catering in Wiltshire

As we were providing hog roast catering in Wiltshire last week, the Premier Hog Roast van could be seen travelling down the motorway to Swindon in much appreciated sunshine. We had a great time in the county, and decided we may have to visit more often considering the weather we experienced. We also found out that Wiltshire not only has the largest Chinese takeaway in the U.K., it also had the smallest church – having just a 13 x    11ft floor space, it can only seat 4 people… you learn something new everyday!

The cause for celebration this week was a fundraiser just outside Swindon, where the local community were trying to raise enough money to help their village’s primary school build a new sports hall for the children. We were happy to be a part of such a noble cause. Guests included people from towns and villages all around, the atmosphere was cheery, and the food was magnificent – if we do say so ourselves! Along with their previous efforts and events, at the end of the day enough money had finally been raised to start construction on the new hall. We even managed to secure another fundraiser in a couple of weeks time via a guest at the event – lamb roast is on the menu for that day. Do you have an upcoming charity event which needs to be catered for? Contact us via our website, we would love to help!

A cider and sea salt soaked pig went down a treat at the Wiltshire hog roast. Guests queued and queued at our stand to pick up their soft and freshly floured baps, subsequently filling them with our succulently slow roasted and spectacularly flavoured pulled pork. Our client had opted for a traditional sage and onion stuffing as an accompaniment – one of our personal favourites – and a large selection of salad was also on offer.

We don’t know exactly why our hog roasts taste so great… it could be down to a lot of reasons! Maybe it’s because we slow roast our pigs in an upright manner, with specialised and professional equipment. It might be because we smother our produce with an aromatic and taste-locking flavour enhancing rub the night before cooking. Possibly, it could be because we source all our animals from our very own Barry the Butcher – he makes sure that all the pigs we use are free range and top quality. We trust him, he’s got over 25 years of experience under his belt. Whatever the reason, you’ll only be able to find out by booking us and seeing for yourself.

So, no matter the location of the event or the level of cooking equipment available, the cause for celebration or the size of the venue, we’re confident that we can make your event go off without a hitch. We include free delivery on all large orders across the midland and London regions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via this website.